Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Acronis 11.5 - Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro - Touchpad Freezes

Lenovo has revived my previous disgust with it's general crumminess.
Dumb thing only comes with two USB ports and no internal CD/DVD drive.
So here I am, trying to do a out-of-the-box image drive of it, and when anything is plugged into the USB port, no touchpad mouse.
Yes, I was a good geek and updated the BIOS and touchpad/keyboard drivers, no joy.

Saw a post (which I now can't find to give props) where this dude unplugged his USB stick, plugged in a USB mouse which worked, removed the USB mouse, then plugged in USB stick, and touchpad mouse started to work.

I figured why not, and tried it.  Well, the USB mouse did indeed work, but stopped working when it was unplugged.

I borrowed a co-workers USB splitter, so I could have the external Image drive, external CD/DVD drive, and external mouse, which thankfully is working.