Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mark Lyon's GMail Loader

Got a new boss who's does not like anything that isn't Microsoft. So, buh-bye to our internal GroupWise and our external email system and hello Google Apps. Transferring the information from the Thunderbird accounts became much simpler with GMail Loader. Easiest way to do this is in the Google Apps Inbox, label everything to "NewInbox" and archive it. Then in each of the Thunderbird folders, use GMail Loader to transfer the info the the GA Inbox. When it all arrives, label it with the TB folder name and archive it. Keep on repeating until all the TBird folders have been transferred. It worked very quickly with the exception of the HR Director, who had a BOOCOO of folders, due to the fact he'd been with us for quite a while. Could have been much worse had I not had the utility.

Spiceworks Network Manager

Spiceworks Network Manager seems too good to be true, a free network management utility. But, it does seem to be what it says it is. Easy-peasy, not even queasy to install. And it does what it says it does, inventory, monitor and report. Did a bit of Googling on it to see if there were any gotchas, none thus far.