Thursday, June 21, 2007

The PC Decrapifier

So Mr. or Ms. Brown just delivered to your door a bunch of brand-spankin' new Dell computers. Boxes piled up all over the place. You unbox the first tower and spend boocoo amounts of time deleting all the garbage Dell thinks you and/or your users are just dying to have. Then you Ghost it and image the rest of them. But now, thanks to Jason York, there's a better way.

The PC Decrapifier does exactly what it's name says it does. You run the PC-Decrapifier-x.x.x.exe program and it scans your new PC. It gives you a list of the semi-useless junkware Dell has installed, all pre-checked. Scroll down the list and remove check marks from the stuff you want to keep, and then the junk goes to Bitland. Jason also has a blog here on the program. Just wish I'd known about it the last time I got a multi-machine order.

The price can't be beat, 20 US and it's a per technician license, not a per PC. Besides having a perfectly hysterical name, it's a sweet little utility that any network admin will want to have on their Utilities CD.