Thursday, March 01, 2007

PDF Creator

I maintain my organization's Intranet and wanted to convert the Office docs to PDF to keep the users from making nefarious changes. PDF Creator works like a printer driver. Instead of sending the content to a printer, it sends it to a PDF document. Nice formatting and file information. does it again.

Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

A user complained that he kept getting a PictureIt! 1607 error when opening a PageMaker file. It wanted to install something from the PictureIt! 2002 CD which I of course, do not have. As always, I thank God for Google!!! Mary Sauer of the Web Design Forum had the solution with the Windows Installer Cleanup utility. Was able to delete the offending entry toot sweet. Am willing to bet that when the program was loaded, someone picked the default rather than custom installation, which meant only part of the program was installed on the hard drive. 

Edit:  see my post on 6/28/2012, MS no longer has the utility online.  Found an alternate site which has it available.