Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Updated Adblock Plus Text File

Edited 20 Apr 06: Posted updated file.

Posted latest update of Adblock Plus ad text file in folder. As usual, type in brick to access the folder.

If you have Firefox and don't have Adblock Plus, you don't know what you're missing, or in this case, not missing. AB+ is a sweet FireFox extension that blocks images from web sites, using the usual wildcards. Who is the worst culprits, site adverts of course. It's amazing just how much faster web pages appear when the browser doesn't have to load a buncha ad-crap along with the good stuff. You choose which sites are blocked and the list is exportable to text file. Makes it so very nice when I install AB+ on a user's 'puter.

More Fixed FF Extensions

Edited 20 Apr 06: has removed them.

Added two more extensions, Tabrowser Preferences and Zoomy 2.0 to my Savefiles project folder Firefox Extensions Fixed. As before, these the fix lets you use them in FF while you wait on the author to come up with a real solution. As usual, type in brick to access the folder.